Hi, I’m Vladimir Djurovic, owner and operator of this blog. I am independent software developer/freelancer from Serbia, very fond of programming, computers and technology in general.  In my career, I’ve been working with wide array of tools, technologies and programming languages. Also, I’ve been involved on various types of projects and have acquired experience in different fields of business.

What is this blog for?

Working in technology, especially in software development, it is imperative to stay up to date with the pace of changes. However, this can be challenging and time consuming, especially when you have to juggle regular work, clients, family, friends, hobbies and various other things that make up one’s life. But, it can also be dangerous not to, since you can find yourself obsolete very suddenly.

This blog is my attempt to track and archive my learning of new technologies and tools, and also refreshing of some things I have not been using for a while. This is basically a learning aid, but also a way to share with the world, and hope somebody will find informations presented here useful. I have also promised myself to update this blog regularly, and I hope that posting my learning publicly will make me stick to it for a long time.

I also invite all readers to post their comments, especially if they see some errors or inconsistencies. Because, this is a learning tool, and you learn the best from mistakes.